Progress Update on Kapowski #1

a geek trapped in a cool guy's body presents an article by Jason Kemp 2016-08-15

No plan survives contact with the enemy.

The enemy in this case is just circumstance and little things. I popped my ear, it’s the summer; you know, stuff and things. I planned to write every week day, but that hasn’t worked for a few weeks.

But: Kapowski is coming along nicely. I’m learning Sketch, Swift, iOS 10 libraries; I’m taking notes, sinking deeper into the problem; it’s great. You can see what I’m working on!

Here are all the screens so far. Here is the code so far.

We have settings, a rudimentary home screen and a weigh-in screen. No data is persisted yet, except saved settings. I’ve solved the units problem. Units problem? Yes, units problem. I’ll talk more about that later. As you can see, I practice what I preach: just enough visual design. The Settings screens, which are furthest along, are the most refined in the visual designs.

All in all, I’d say Kapowski is in pretty good shape considering.

Writing about something while it is being created, it turns out, is really hard and probably unclear to the reader. And the writer. I find I want to work on the code or the on the screens in Sketch rather than write about either at the moment.

So, you can follow along now: for the visual design (through Zeplin) and the code (through Kiln). I’m working on it daily and you should see changes if you check in regularly. I doubt anyone will do that, but I’ve set everything up just in case. If you do follow along and see a change you can’t figure out, let me know. I can explain the change.

Hot tip: Always have a reason for everything on screen.
— Me, just now

I will still write about various topics that I think are relevant. First up: the settings screens. They are—basically—a pit of snakes when it comes to usability and coding; hence, why I started there and why I can talk about them first, starting tomorrow.

Got a question? Critique? I’d love to hear them. Use the hashtag #kapowski on Twitter, I’ll reply to it. Or, send email to coolguy at