Progress Update on Kapowski #2

a geek trapped in a cool guy's body presents an article by Jason Kemp 2016-09-09

It’s been almost a month since the last update. Even though I haven’t been writing as often as I’d like about the work, the work is happening.

There is a point in a project when there are no more questions to ask. Everything major has been dealt with at least, but perhaps solved entirely. The rest of the work is following those decisions to their end, filling in the necessary details to embed those decisions in the code.

We are at that point with Kapowski.

It is overwhelming right before I realized I had reached that point: all the details that still need to be worked on are swimming in my head and I flit quickly among the different threads of user interface, code, icon design, pre-launch website, etc.

It’s at this point, where, for real, you need to write shit down. Not just on a piece of paper, like an old-school to-do list. I’m talking about an issue database, a bug tracker, Trello, Basecamp: software with which you can manipulate that list.

This is also the point where you can truly pick your ship date and rely on it. I’m not going to announce anything in this blog post. I’ve already slipped once.

You can pick the date because the creative part is largely over. Copy still needs to be written, imagery created, but the spots in the app UI where those will go are known. The purpose (the what) of the app is now fully realized; the method in which it fulfills that purpose (the how) is known.

The process to get the how fully realized is straightforward; straighforward—mind you—not easy. There will still be hiccups, but from this point on, there should be no ground-shaking fundamental changes, where all assumptions are upended. Any epiphanies from this point must wait until Version 2.

And it is a process as well. I use process here as in a formal process because really everything is a process. I’m a product team of one and even I need a process. We’ll come back to process later.

On to the update:

Take a look at the Zeplin Scene and you may notice, if you’ve been there before, that Settings got a big overhaul. I figured out what Reminders will be (we’ll come back to that); I added the obligatory Feedback and About rows as well; and we added an Advanced section for settings.

I had the notion of the obsessive measurer wanting to weigh in daily. I want to let them if it makes them feel good (some people might need it for a while). But I don’t want to distract what I think will be the majority of people with an extra button on the home screen if they don’t need it. So, that explains the first toggle, Weigh In Anytime. I’m not quite sold on that capitalization, but that’s easy to fix.

The second (so far) advanced setting is enabling saving the photos taken in Kapowski in the Camera Roll. Not sure if that will be on by default.

The Weigh In screen got a bit of a refresh. I was not happy with the layout of those measurement rows. I’m still not that keen on them, but hey, we gotta ship. And I’m not sure what else to do. You’ll notice three versions; they correspond to the three modes I introduce in the FUX, which is not in Sketch/Zeplin yet. Did I mention I love the term FUX? We’ll talk more about that soon.

Finally, the Home screen got a slight make over as well. There was a problem with my initial just enough design: if I get users to take pictures from more than one perspective, how do I show them all on the home screen for them to easily compare. I had a few draft ideas that honestly—in retrospect—sucked. Then it hit me: little images in the corner. Duh! Obviously awesome. Click the little image to change the perspective in the big image. Cycle endlessly through them.

Another change that isn’t reflected in the visuals: see that All button? It’s gone. Again, the app requires a way to see all weigh ins. The just enough design did it poorly. Instead, the weigh-ins between before and after are “under” the before and you can scroll back in time to the first after photo. I want to do more to manage the weigh-ins—so much more.

But any further revelations must wait until Version 2.